Join the Lab


For inquiries, email Dr. Chaudhri [nadia.chaudhri(at)]


If you are curious about the brain, highly motivated, hard-working, and ready to learn then we want you on our team. Potential MA and PhD students should apply to the Research Option of the Graduate Program in Psychology at Concordia University. More information about this program can be found here.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for graduate fellowships, preferentially in the same term that they are applying to the graduate program. Graduate fellowships at the MA and PhD levels are available from CIHR, NSERC, FRQS and FRQNT. Contact Dr. Chaudhri to discuss your application.


Undergraduate students contribute to our research in many ways.

1. Volunteering - To inquire about volunteer opportunities, email Dr. Chaudhri. Include your transcript, availability during the week and weekend, and a brief blurb about yourself. Volunteers usually join the team at the start of the term. You should be ready to dedicate at 10+ hours per week to the lab. 

2. Thesis - Join the lab for your Honour's or Specialization thesis. For more information, email Dr. Chaudhri.

3. Science college - Students from the Science college are welcome to complete their SCOL 290, 390 or 490 projects in the lab.

4. Summer research fellows - If you have laboratory experience and want to deepen your training via an independent summer research project, apply for an NSERC undergraduate student research award or a Concordia undergraduate student research award. Applications deadlines are typically in January/February.

5. Research for credit - undergraduates in the psychology program can get credit for research by enrolling in PSYC 387 (Directed Research in Psychology) or PSYC 487 (Advanced Directed Research in Psychology). For experience in science writing, enroll in PSYC 483 (Directed Readings in Psychology).


Take your science to the next level. Become a mentor. Develop independence and leadership. Post doctoral fellows are an important and welcome part of the team. Inquire with Dr. Chaudhri about positions. Include your CV and the names of 2 potential referees.

Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to to CIHR, NSERC and FRQ for funding. Exceptional applicants should consider applying for a lucrative Banting postdoctoral fellowship.